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I have known Kurt for about 5 years now, during which time I have worked with him on many employment law cases. Since these cases focus on one of the most important relationships people have, there are often high emotions from employee and employer alike, making each case unique and challenging. Employment law also tends to involve a wide range of legal issues (statutory, contract, constitutional, tort), requiring the lawyer to be well-versed in a variety of areas of the law. Having practiced employment law for about 20 years, I think I can objectively assess Kurt against the dozens of attorneys with whom I have worked over the years. From my first interactions with Kurt, I could see his dedication to the law, commitment to clients and a deep desire to do the right thing. He combines compassion, integrity, hard work and good lawyering – making him a first rate attorney particularly suited to employment law. I can therefore endorse Kurt without reservation. -Anthony Sperber (Employment and Labor Attorney)

Kurt Dreger helped me during my business’s early months when I had no one else to turn to. His awareness of procedures and connections within the legal system helped him – and me – reach a settlement that was desirable. He was accessible, communicative and reasonable, and he negotiated well with the other side to reach a deal that was in my favor. I highly recommend his services, he is an excellent law professional. -Brandon

Kurt is diligent and smart and applies those skills to solving client problems. -Peter Tormey (Intellectual Property Attorney)

Mr. Dreger quickly and efficiently helped me recover personal property that had great value to me. I would hire him again in an instant. -Barbara

Mr. Dreger is a competent and compassionate lawyer. He is known in the community to represent his clients’ interests aggressively. -Angelo Lagorio (Family Attorney)

Mr. Dreger has assisted me through a very difficult time. I was injured in a nasty wreck January 2013 and suffered concussion, whiplash, back and body trauma. I was rear-ended at high speed by a driver that was following too close then pushed into oncoming traffic. I couldn’t speak in fluid sentences or focus my vision for weeks. Mr. Dreger stepped in and took over the pile of confusing paperwork. Aside from one interview, he has handled all dealings with the at-fault party’s insurance company and mine. He has worked diligently and stays on top of regular follow ups with all parties. I am secure and confident that he has my best interests covered. -Ann

I hired Mr. Dreger to help a family member with a misdemeanor expungement. He was very helpful and kept the family member informed of the whole process. He did all this in a very timely manner. -Anonymous

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